As you know there are a number of situations where we must walk, jog or work on land slippery rain, the mud, snow and ice, or move from the land to dry, asphalted, and then hard yet those very slippery. These soil's conditions can affect the feet of an athlete, a mountaineer, a hiker, a fisherman or from every person who works every day in these conditions. Currently there is a shoe or a solution to solve all these problems so satisfactory or polyfunctional. Born at the nail scratching BESTGRIP, produced with a large technical studied in detail which solves all these difficulties.

Using in the water


Use on earth and rock


Using on ice




Can be applied on the sole in rubber or in the sole of felt of every type of footwear and on any footwear with rubbery surface in simple and fast way guaranteeing to all users great safety and calm on every fund and in every condition thanks to his principal characteristic, a point of a hard material (tungsteno) in degree to scratch, therefore to also stick on it the hardest rock. It can easily be removed from his zone of anchorage and subsequently reassembled. It's possible to personalize the grip, increasing and decreasing the number of nails.

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