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Bestgrip presents the scratching nail with a fast assembly removable , an innovative product designed by a simple idea that will revolutionize and simplify any situation of discomfort. Discover all about this big small tool which will allow you to experience the most extreme situations in complete safety. This product has been researched, created and developed solely to make life smoother and safer.

It can be anchored to any kind of new or used, normal or snow tIre, with or without the help of holes or seats, even inside the blades for highest safety. Mounting is so easy that it can be done even by unexperienced persons, by hand or with a simple screwer, thanks to its double spring.The nail can be smoothly removed from its anchoring zone and remounted afterwards even if small rocks obstruct the old seat.One can choose the number of nails to be inserted in the tire and increase or decrease the number later on, thereby nailin the tire in a customized way. The different sizes available suit different usage, ranging from competition to road safety of any vehicle and rubber-soled footwear.

Best-grip is the provider of the best driving schools and go-kart hires. In case you are interested in organizing or are already promoting events, competitions or hires and you wish to test BESTGRIP nails, please contact for any information or elucidation: info@best-grip.com


All the Bestgrip's nails have the tip in a hard metal (tungsten), then every maximum grip
on slippery ground (mud, snow, ice, rocks, grass, roots, etc. ..)

BESTGRIP gained the title of Italian Champion ftrom 2005 to 2008,
by winning all the competions in snow and ice specialities.

BestGrip owns the international patent on the clawed nail for quick mounting

The Best-Grip Company discharges any liability in case of improper use of the product

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