Studs can be inserted into any type of shoes and tyres, whether or not they are pre-drilled. Bestgrip studs are suitable for new or used, summer or winter tyres. Studs can be inserted in the strips for maximum safety. When the ground conditions may become slippery , studs can prevent for not involve the safety of people.

Installing the studs doesn’t require the support of a specialist staff: everyone can install the studs by using a simple, easy and inexpensive equipment, ensuring maximum grip.

You can face obstacles without fear. The stud may be easily removed from its anchorage zone and then inserted again even if there are pebbles obstructing the hole. It is possible decide the number of studs to be inserted in the tyres or shoes and then increase or reduce them, spiking in a personalized way.


The point (called biting) exists in different dimensions according to the various purposes. It is made of hard metal (tungsteno tungsten) a material very resistant to abrasion. The two elements are assembled by braze welding with a very resistant silver solder. The nail has been coated with a golden, black or silver substance by a special treatment to facilitate the tire acceptance of the nail. The nail is not considered a foreign body, but a part of the tire. This treatment is also corrosion-proof.