Not the usual crampons! A registered innovative product useful in different situations.

Bestgrip crampons have three key features:

  • A unique fastening system to adjust the size of the crampons. Bestgrip crampons cover from a size 36 to a size 50 (IT sizes). Bestgrip crampons will always fit perfectly.
  • Bestgrip crampons can be put on with any kind of footwear, whether they be sport shoes or everyday shoes. You can use the crampons with trainers, dress shoes, wellies, walking shoes and mountain boots.
  • Crampons will be equipped with Bestgrip studs with tungsten tip to assure the best grip possible with the greatest wear resistance. You can use Bestgrip crampons to walk on any kind of terrains and for different purposes. You can walk safely on rocks and pebbles, mud, grass, snow and ice, asphalt, even and especially if you need to walk across all those different slippery situations. Maximum grip will always be ensured.

Bestgrip crampons are made with high-quality material, ensuring the best performance.

The flap (5) and the elastic belts (3) are made of silicone, resistant to tear and extreme temperatures.

The front sole (1) and the heel (2) are made of TPU, a hard but flexible material specifically used to manufacture footwear’s sole, with high wear and high temperature resistance.



  1. 2 Front soles – identical for left and right shoes
  2. 2 Heels – identical for left and right shoes
  3. 2 Elastic Belts for Front soles
  4. 2 Elastic Belts for Heels
  5. 2 Flap – identical for left and right shoes
  6. 1 Case


  • Un sistema di registrazione innovativo
  • Indossabili su qualsiasi calzatura, dal numero 36 al 50
  • Chiodi con punta in tungsteno amovibili

Cosa contiene un kit ramponi?

Contenuto del Kit:
  • 2 suole anteriori in TPU con fori predisposti per l’inserimento dei chiodi
  • 2 tacchi in TPU con fori predisposti per l’inserimento dei chiodi
  • 2 patelle in silicone
  • 4 cinghie elastiche per allacciare e registrare i ramponi sulle calzature
Si possono realizzare in diversi colori e anche con pattern militare!