Not your usual crampons! The multi-purpose, multi-size crampons are an innovative, patented product that can be used in a lot of situations.
There are 4 key features of Bestgrip crampons:

  • An innovative fastening system
  • Can be worn on any footwear, from size IT36 to IT50
  • Removable studs with tungsten tip
  • Spare parts available

What comes in a crampons kit?

Inside you will find:
  • 2 TPU front soles with holes to insert the studs
  • 2 TPU heels with holes to insert the studs
  • 2 silicone flaps
  • 4 elastic belts to fasten and tight the crampons on the shoes
Different colours and pattern available! Also camouflage pattern.

Price for a complete KIT: 67,50€ + VAT