The lovers of the Mountain Bike, that are forced to not stir for the bad conditions of the paths in the brushwood, made clammy by the conditions of the weather report during the winter, and whereas the snow and the ice are like it master for the whole winter, applying these small and innovative products on the tyres of their bicycles they succeed in never stopping their training and to have a good time . Even if in way some timid, is begun to organize competitions, whereas the conditions of the weather report allow it, also on the snow. Bestgrip has also planned for them small nails to insert in their thin plugged coverages. The biker can compete without incurring in dangerous and ruinous falls.

It was ascertained that even in summer 25 nails per tire help to overcome brilliantly paths, slippery and slicky streets paved with cobble-stones (contrary to what one may believe, the nail does not slip on stones or even on asphalt, because it has a thin, very hard tungsteno point which carves even the hardest rock).

If the nail punctures the tire there are two remedies:

  • For a tubeless tire: add the special anti-puncture liquid recommended by Bestgrip
  • For a tire with tube: add a strip of kevlar or a strip of rubber or a double tube
  • Very Efficient Nailing
    Diameter x length
    Stud penetration into the rubber
    Minimum Tread
    Tip size
    1.7mm Tungsten Pointed Head
    € 0.65 + VAT

    Use: Treaded tires mixed ground

    • Ground: Much Snow, Little Snow, Without Snow
    • Minimum quantity for each wheel: 30
    • Minimum width wedge: 8mm x 8mm
    chiave incastro

    Interlocking Key Adapter 4000
    Hexagonal drive use screw / handle for installation and removal
    Price: € 6.20 + VAT

    Manual handle 5000
    Hexagonal drive 1/4''
    Price: € 3.65 + VAT