Key features of the product

Key features of the product


An innovative adjustment system and special fasteners: this is what makes Bestgrip crampons completely adjustable, making it possible to fix them firmly and securely to footwear. You can use Bestgrip crampons with any kind of shoes, whatever size they are - walking shoes, rubber boots, mountaineering boots etc.


To ensure the best performance ever, we only use the highest quality materials. SILICONE with high degree of tear-resistance, for flaps and straps. TPU – hard but elastic, to ensure that soles and heels can resist abrasion for a long time.


Tungsten-tipped studs offer extreme grip and guarantee high wear-resistance. They can be used on different terrains, both dry and wet, on every slippery ground. Customers can choose the studs that best meet their needs from the 3 types available. Studs can be replaced anytime with new or different studs.

Technical spec.


Tentacles are the main component of the original adjustment system.
Front soles and heels have four tentacles each. The heel has two shorter tentacles that are designed to place the heel of the crampons on the heel of the shoe.
Front sole
Ogni antenna è dotata di funghi che si agganciano ai fori presenti sulla patella e sulle cinghie, per assemblare il rampone e fissarlo alla calzatura.
The short tentacles of the heel have two buttons, one is longer than the other. The buttons are used to fasten the heel to the flap and the elastic belts. In this way the crampons are firmly placed on the shoes and will stay in the right position.


Thanks to the innovative fastening system, the user can set the right and the left while assembling the crampons.

By setting up the right and left crampons, they will fit better to the shoes. In this way, the crampon adapts to the point of the footwear, allowing a safer and more stable walk.

Flaps and belts are made of tear-resistant silicone, a material that is elastic, long-lasting and resistant to extreme temperatures. Moreover, while designing the crampons further measures have been taken to increase tear resistance and ensure greater safety.

The elastic belt has reinforced outer edges and holes to ensure greater resistance to tearing. Moreover, reinforced lines between the holes allow the belt to be cut if needed, without compromising the outer edge.

The thickness of the silicone around the outermost holes is increased to ensure greater resistance to the flaps as they bend over the toes and heels of the shoes.

The other holes of flaps and belts have a circular thickening, which is meant to reinforce the holes and prevent breakage, especially when buttoned.

The two flaps are identical in the shape, without difference of right and left, so that it is easier to assemble the crampons. Moreover, if replacement is needed, the spare part is the same.
Crampons have drilled blocks to insert Bestgrip studs. Studs have the unique features of our products: the tungsten tip and the thread. These studs have been specifically designed to fit the crampons. Thanks to the thread, the installation is easy: the studs stay in the right position during the installation procedure. The tungsten tip has high resistance to wear, for this reason the grip on the ground is efficacious and constant.

The blocks are star shaped. Stars’ points are oriented in such a way as to enhance the grip on the ground. On the external surface there are smaller circular-shaped blocks. These smaller blocks are found one on the heel and four on the front sole.

These are not designed for the insertion of studs but to reduce the risk of slipping, especially on the rocks. Both the front soles and the heels have a knurled texture on the outer side. It not only has an aesthetic function but also helps to have more grip on whatever type of terrain you are walking on.
The side facing the sole of the shoe has small spikes, which have the function of anchoring the sole and heel more firmly to the shoe. They prevent crampons from moving and shifting during walking, because the crampons are firmly fixed on the shoes.

Furthermore, once the studs are inserted the threaded end will join the plastic spikes, increasing the stability of the crampons.