Bestgrip Power Studs
Equine application

Assemblage of the clawed nail

1. Tools needed for correct assembly

2. With a 5mm dia. drill make a hole 3mm deep in the horseshoe. NB studs are suitable only on shoes made of synthetic material such as plastic.

3. Hole performed correctly

4. Series of holes performed correctly

5. Place the stud thread in the centre of the previously drilled hole.

6. Slowly screw the stud into place

7. Tighten until the head of the adapter and the top surface of the stud is flush with the surface of the shoe.

8. Series of nails installed correctly

9. Close-up of a stud installed correctly


1.       Stop tightening the stud when the head is flush with the shoe surface otherwise the threaded portion of the stud will rip out the shoe material and the stud will become loose.