Studs for athletics
Key features

Key features of the product

Just like regular Bestgrip studs, the studs for athletics shoes have a tungsten tip. Tungsten is a high-grade material that is very durable, does not wear out and therefore guarantees continuous grip. Athletes can improve their performance, since they feel safer.

Tungsten is also a very rigid material. The application of tungsten-tipped studs makes the shoe stiffer. As a result, running on the track is made more dynamic, with no loss of energy - meaning all the energy can be converted into sprint.
The body of the stud is designed to have the optimal shape and size to provide the athlete with the right thrust. In addition, it is case-hardened and quenched: these two treatments strengthen the stud to make it more wear-resistant and stiffer.
Studs for athletic shoes are available in two designs: pin shape and 'Christmas tree' shape. There are 5 lengths available, to suit all athletes in the various sports of track and field athletics as well as cross-country running.
The studs have a universal thread with a pitch of 0.793 mm, so they are compatible with all athletic shoes on the market.

For the new athletics spikes, Bestgrip has again applied its own user-friendly and practical assembly system.