Studs for athletics
Key features

Key features of the product

As with all products from Bestgrip, these athletics shoe studs are equipped with a tungsten tip. Tungsten is a premium material that is extremely wear-resistant on equally soft and abrasive, hard ground. With an ever-sharp point, the studs ensure a greater, constant grip; helping the athletes to improve their performance.
Tungsten is also an extremely stiff material. The application of tungsten-tipped spikes gives the shoe more rigidity and thus the racing on track becomes more dynamic, with no dispersion of energy, which is all transformed into speed.
The body of the studs is made of tempered alloy steel. Bestgrip has developed the perfect shape and dimensions so that the athletes have a good thrust.
Bestgrip athletics studs are thus made to last so long thanks to a careful combination of high quality materials and treatment, specifically: tungsten for the tip, alloy steel for the body and tempering treatment. The result is a stud that is highly wear-resistant and stiffer than regular retail studs.

In order to meet the needs of every athlete across the different athletic disciplines including cross-country racing, Betsgrip studs for athletic shoes are available in two designs, pin-shape and 'Christmas tree' shape, both coming in five lengths.
With a thread pitch of 0.793 mm, the studs can be screwed into almost any shoe on the market

For its new athletics studs, Bestgrip is using its traditional, user-friendly, practical assembly kit. The following video shows how to screw a stud in a shoe.