Specifiche tecniche cuspidi


Bestgrip spikes are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting that can eventually lead to breakage. The point is made of tungsten, which is a high-quality material highly resistant to wearing. This means that abrasive terrains or materials do not wear out the tip, so the spikes ensure a constant grip.
The tungsten tip is braze welded to the body of the stud. You can choose between two types of tips. The pointed tip has been specifically designed to give the right grip to the boots without being too sharp. In this way, in case of emergencies the spikes do not prevent the pilot from easily removing the foot and placing it on the ground quickly.
The flat point is designed for bicycles’ pedals because it grants the shoes grip to the pedals without being too sharp. In this way there is no risk as to scratch the skin.
Using the spikes ensures a better performance on both slippery grounds (i.e., snow, mud) and hard but uneven terrains.

With the spikes, the rider has an enhanced sense of security, and consequently more riding precision.
This provides the rider with a safer and more precise ride that enhances performance. The rider will be able to better feels the motorbike and gets the right feeling.